No matter what you read, how many interviews you’ve watched, how many different CV templates you’ve used – you will always be yourself. You are unique because you are different! You must face it, embrace it and own it! That is the only way you will ever get ahead in any field of life.

And to really own it, you need to learn everything there is about you. How you can do that?

By asking questions! A whole lot of them. And you need to have a wide audience so you can gather a lot of feedback.

To learn more about yourself, go to your parents, grandparents, friends, relatives, colleagues, managers, former professors.

Adjust the questions to the person you’re asking, of course!

Go to your family and relatives to hear about your childhood. Try to find how you reacted to certain situations. Learn about how your habits developed and changed. See if you can get valuable information that you could reflect on and utilise going forward.

To get feedback about your performance and personality at work, go to former colleagues, and even managers if you have that option. See if they remember how you handled stressful situations, unpleasant customers, and long hours. Ask them to list a few words that come to mind when they hear your name.

If you are still in contact with your teachers and professors, you can also go to them. Drop them a line and see if they even remember you. If they do, that already says a lot. If they don’t, gently remind them who you are and see if they could meet you. This can help you get insight into your studying routines, presentation styles, and ways of communicating with peers and people older than you.

What is important is that you take everything with a grain of salt. Yes, they are people who interact with you and who experience you in ways you can not experience yourself. And, yes, they could be more objective when sharing opinions about you than you yourself are, but you need to know it is only one person’s view. In your uniqueness, you play different roles and there are different opinions.

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As a result, you are like no one else and you should act in line with that. You are unique like everyone else. There is no template nor form can represent you better than yourself. Remember, you are unique and only you can write your story.

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