You take pride in your work. You have stuck with your company and helped it grow. You have perfected your skills, fulfilled your responsibilities, helped your coworkers improve, all in all, done your job better than anyone could ask for, year in, year out. Suddenly, you dread every hour you spend at your job. It’s time for a wake-up call: You are a valuable employee, and you can be a valuable employee somewhere else.

What turns senior employees into jobseekers?

Difficulties workers face at their position are many and varied. Long-term employees are not exempt from them. On the contrary, their years of dedication and reluctance to leave amplify the issues they have. It’s not easy to give up on something you’ve put a lot of time into, and it’s even harder to imagine what can replace it.
Let’s take a look at some of the problems senior workers experience.

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Feeling overwhelmed by changes

There’s a myth that long-term employees are resistant to workplace innovation. That’s just what it is: a myth. If you feel you can’t keep up, after years of great performance, chances are it’s not your fault. You know all the nooks and crannies of your position, and if you still do your best, you wouldn’t find it hard to adapt. It’s up to the management and the company to help you do that. If they are implementing changes over your head, without hearing your input or letting you understand them, it’s a sign they are taking their best employees for granted.

The youngster threat

It’s a positive thing to be challenged at work. Feeling threatened is not. Do you feel there’s a constant silent conflict between the new arrivals and the old guard? Do you feel your experience and knowledge are looked over in favour of the new blood? That doesn’t mean you’re getting rusty. In every company, there needs to be an understanding and a positive level of cooperation between old workers and new employees. Everything else is a toxic work environment, that doesn’t benefit anyone.

Dead-ends and deaf management

There aren’t many things more harmful for a long-term employee’s happiness than his voice not being heard. They know a lot, not just about their job, but about the way the company breathes. If you find your comments, insight, and concerns are falling on deaf ears, or you see no way forward for your career, then your dedication and contribution are not being respected.

Magic word: underappreciation

That’s exactly what it all boils down to – not being respected. According to a study by Randstad US, 60% of workers are considering quitting their jobs or have already done so because of that very reason. Don’t put up with not being appreciated. You have the skills, you have the knowledge and experience.
Fighting your way between the youngsters in the company and the management, you feel like you’ve hit a wall and maybe it’s time you looked into other options?

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