You know how, once the interview is ending, the person who interviews says something along the lines of “Thank you, we’ll be in touch!”?

And, you know how, once you receive that email which starts with “We regret to inform you…”, you lose interest in the company, ignore the email, shut off your computer, and get on with your life?

Yes, we have all been there! But, there are people who actually replied to those emails, said thank you, asked a few questions, and even got a call-back.

Yes, we are talking about the post-interview emails here and there are actually 2 types of those: “Thank You For Your Time” email and “Thank You Anyway” email. What is the difference?

#1 – “Thank You For Your Time” emails are sent right after the interview, while everything is still fresh. You might want to take notes on your way back home and use them when writing this email. It should be your own little way of appreciating the interviewer’s time. It should be warm and genuine. Do not use templates available online, or, use them as guidance only. Make sure to outline what information they shared was especially useful to you and why you are still interested in the position.

#2 – “Thank You Anyway” emails are sent after you receive the turndown email. You can look at this as your last chance to get the job, or, at least a second interview. Do not use post-interview thank you email samples. Once again, the email needs to be heartfelt and honest. Ask what you can improve and what is it that they are looking for in candidates.

No one can guarantee sending thank you emails will bring you closer to getting a job, but it can’t hurt! It costs you literally nothing and if you really want a position, why not go for it? You never know, it might just be the thing that gives the interviewer a nudge and turns the odds to your favour.

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