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Professional LinkedIn Profile Creation Service

If you are not on LinkedIn already – get on it right now! It is a wonderful place where you can meet other professionals from your field, learn new skills, connect with recruiters, and follow companies. Not only that, but you can also write down your thoughts, organize them into articles, and share them with the world. That is an amazing way to get recognised in the professional world!

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LinkedIn Profile Optimization

The best thing about it that it is completely free! And you can do so much with it. If you are serious about getting ahead in your field, you should consider building your professional profile and brand.
Here is what Linking Lines will create for you:

  • A headline which reflects your current status & has a personal touch
  • A to-the-point summary which intrigues readers and invites them to read the rest of your profile
  • A nicely presented work experience without generic phrases
  • A summary of study programs/courses in your education section

…we will also:

  • Find a few recruiters that seem open to conversation
  • Do research on your field/area and send connection requests to people who can help you out
  • Follow companies that might be of interest to you

If you would like a professional to create or optimise your LinkedIn profile, you’ve come to the right place.
Our prices are:

  • Junior professional = €70
  • Senior professional = €80
  • Experienced managers = €90
  • We offer a special student rate = €60

About Us

Linking Lines was established in September 2015 and since then it has improved countless of professional and personal lives. We pride ourselves with a variety of outstanding language services such as translation and copywriting, but also CV writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, and coaching sessions. Our goal is to help people achieve their goals!

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