Our clients are often asking for a CV written especially for this position. And this is quite a popular job posting on Irish job boards. The average salary, depending on the location and the duties you’ll be taking on varies from €21,000 to €25,000.

And based on dozens of job postings for this position, we bring you what are the required skills and abilities you should have to work as a call centre agent.

The most obvious one is the ability to listen, followed by the ability to remain calm and professional. You need to be able to handle pressure not only because of questions and complaints but also because targets are often the main indicator of your performance. You don’t necessarily have to be a team player since you will have to take ownership over your own callers and accounts, which means that you have to be responsible.

You need to be computer savvy enough to learn the system application the company is using, track web chats and emails. It is possible that you will receive a large number of queries (which are called “tickets”) and you will need to be able to prioritise those. That is why it’s important that you are organised.

Let’s Analyse: Call Centre Agent
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It helps if you have an outgoing personality, but it is not indispensable – you just need to be comfortable enough to speak to people over the phone. You don’t have to be a native speaker, but your English has to be fluent.

A bonus is if you like to set yourself goals and if you’re competitive because there are often incentives for top performers.

The good sides of this position are: you will meet a lot of new people, you will test your ability to remain calm, improve your multitasking skills

The not so good sides are: people are way more unpleasant over the phone or chat than they are in person so be prepared. Hours can be unsocial.

From this position, you can progress to the position of a team leader, and maybe afterwards to operations management. That will mostly depend on the company you work at.

If you see yourself multitasking at a busy call centre, analysing issues, and replying to queries, the position of a call centre agent might be for you!

If you need help finding the right career path, you can always reach out to us.

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