With more than 260 million monthly active users, LinkedIn is a great place to connect with people from all around the globe. Although it fits the definition of a social network, LinkedIn has a few significant differences than Facebook or Twitter.

Communication Rules & Interacting on LinkedIn

The way people interact on LinkedIn is a bit special. This is from both the content point of view, and communicating with other members.
There are some “rules” people usually follow when connecting on LinkedIn.

For example, mindlessly sending connection requests on LinkedIn probably won’t get you very far.
Almost like in real life, you can be introduced to new connections by people you already know. Alternatively, you can meet someone in open discussions over a subject you both find interest in.
However, this also applies to how people interact with the content itself. It should be noted that the professionals can be picky about what they read and with whom they interact with. They are looking for professional knowledge, discussions, insights and trends in their niche.

The Importance of Self-presentation

Obviously, your LinkedIn profile is both a storefront and a history of your career. It’s an easy way for professionals and potential employers to see your skills, achievements and experience and get job offers through LinkedIn. To build your network on LinkedIn, you have to be careful about how you present yourself. Your profile needs to be accurate, true, professional and show your best sides.

Purpose & Usage

Without a doubt, LinkedIn has become an excellent place to find employment. There are thousands of new jobs available each day at LinkedIn. Some companies even hire through LinkedIn only, as it’s easy to search and evaluate for potential workers and for them to apply for a position. Besides this, it’s a great place for referrals. You can both recommend and be recommended by your colleagues or superiors and, on this platform, that bears some weight. The main thing that makes LinkedIn different than other social networks is its focus. LinkedIn focuses on your professional life, while networks like Facebook and Instagram focus on your personal life and leisure.

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