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Professional Interview Coaching & Career Counselling

Switching jobs and changing careers should be exciting, not terrifying! Well, with the right partner to guide you through the process, it can be truly exciting!

If you don’t know what you want to do next or are torn between a few choices, it might not be a bad idea to set up a career counselling session.

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Coaching Sessions

You can book a one-off session for €60 or you can opt for a full bundle – 4 sessions for €220. The bundle includes:

  • Self-assessment test
  • Identifying the right career/career path for you
  • Interacting with others & networking
  • Interview preparation: questions to ask, salary negotiation
  • Tips on research and building a professional profile

Of course, in the one-off session, we don’t have time to cover everything, so, we will cover the most problematic areas.

If you are at the interview phase and want someone to train you how to leave the best first impression possible, you can book a one-off interview coaching session for only €50.

Leave nothing to chance, have your bases covered. This is easy now when Linking Lines is here for you.

About Us

Linking Lines was established in September 2015 and since then it has improved countless of professional and personal lives. We pride ourselves with a variety of outstanding language services such as translation and copywriting, but also CV writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, and coaching sessions. Our goal is to help people achieve their goals!

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