Asking for a raise comes after a certain period of time with an employer and both parties are aware of it. But, how do you approach that conversation? And what happens if a headhunter contacts you? Should you try and negotiate your salary and package? Or maybe you should just go with the new offer?

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Asking for a pay raise is not easy, but it’s worth it!

Here are a few tips on how to handle the situation:

#1 Do not make it sound like an ultimatum

Managers don’t pay ransom. If you make it sound like “it’s going to be my way or the highway”, you risk losing the current position without having secured another one. Also, you already have a good thing going for you, so think twice about your tone and what you’re going to say before you approach the management.

#2 Be honest

Everyone appreciates honesty. If you are open with your manager and explain that you’ve been contacted by another company and that their offer is very appealing, but you’d like to stick around. If there is anything that you think can be done by your manager, propose it yourself in a polite, non-aggressive way.

#3 Don’t talk to your colleagues about it

Instead of talking about your future plans, desires, and happenings on the professional plan with your colleagues, save it for your friends. Do all the “Do you think it’s a good idea” conversations with people who can not go to your manager with the info. Better yet, go directly to the manager.

#4 Always Have a Back-up Plan

Loyalty is great and we all admire it. What we also admire is the ability to provide for oneself and their loved ones. Never, ever go into any kind of negotiations about your position if you don’t have a back-up plan! That plan can vary – from securing a second interview at another company, agreeing to a probation period while you’re still at the current position, suggesting working on another project under your current manager to working out a “worst-case scenario” plan with your spouse.

Knowing your worth is important and we’d encourage people to ask for a raise. If you plan on doing so, make sure you go over all the points as to why you deserve it. Make a list of things you’ve done for the company in general (if any) and your team. The most important thing is not to sound aggressive nor defensive, as this will cause a negative reaction from the person you’re speaking to.

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