At some point in the recruiting process, you will be asked to provide references. It can be before the interview, after the interview, and some companies can wait until you are hired to ask for them. But, you will be asked to provide professional job references. If you need a few ideas or a reminder whom should be on your list, keep on reading this article.

The classic which everyone uses and wants to use (and is great to use) are your former supervisors. It can be a team leader, assistant manager, manager or any other type of supervisor, this will, of course, depend on the line of work you do. This will show your potential employer that you can be trusted and that you built a stable business relationship with your supervisors.

Next, you can also utilise your colleagues – both current and former. If you trust your current ones won’t say anything to the management, go with them. Former colleagues are also a good choice, especially if you worked together for a long time.
This shows your competence to work well in a team and ability to develop and maintain a high level of collegiality since those who worked beside you are willing to vouch for you.

If you’ve ever been someone’s supervisor, you can list your former direct reports. They can also say useful things to the recruiters so, don’t neglect them. It shows you care about your staff and can be extremely useful.

If you are applying for a graduate position, of course, this might be a problem since you might not have managers or work colleagues to list.
In these situations, we would suggest listing your professors as a reference on a resume.
If you’ve had any student jobs, you can reach out to those companies and check if you can list them as your references.

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Maintain a good business relationship with everyone you encounter.

However, no matter who you choose to list, make sure to give them a heads-up.
Never go and give someone’s phone number or email address before letting them know you are planning to do this.
Also, it goes without saying you should only list the people you are 100% sure will speak highly of you! 😊

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