Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you were taking orders from more than one person? Even though you had one manager who was actually your manager, there was a colleague who acted as if they were your manager as well? Sometimes, we have all felt like we’re working for our colleagues, instead of with them.

Working in a team has a whole set of challenges. The biggest challenges are setting up and maintaining equality and achieving a fair level of collegiality. This can sometimes be abused by more assertive team members.

Most often, these team members are senior employees, but not even in the sense they are seasoned, but in a sense that they have been with a company just a few months longer than you have. It can get tricky, especially if this person was your trainer when you first came to the company. Nonetheless, you have to talk to them and address the issue.

Talk to your “manager” colleague – first, you have to approach the person in question, no matter who it is. See if you can resolve it without going straight to the management. Think carefully about the issues and list any points of action before you start the conversation with the bossy co-worker.

If you think someone else might feel the same way you do, definitely talk to them and find out for sure. Two heads are always better than one! If you approach the person, share your concerns and present your action points, and nothing changes, then you need to take it to the management.

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If there are weekly meetings to check up on the team, stay behind and start the conversation. If you feel uncomfortable saying openly what is the issue, try and see if you can become a part of a different team.

However, we would always recommend you face problems head-on and just go for it!

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