You’ve been invited to an interview? Congratulations, that is a big achievement! If you think it’s not, think again. How many applications do you think the recruiters and hiring managers have seen? Do not belittle your success but, also, make sure you don’t take it for granted – an interview is just an interview, it doesn’t mean you already got to job.

A lot of people who get a professional CV done think that will bring them the desired position. Now, this is only half true. Meaning, it will get you interviews, but the rest is up to you. If you have a lot of interviews, but can’t seem to get past the first round, try following our tips and see will that help!

#1 Do your research

Surely, you’ve heard this one many times before. Nevertheless, it is important to emphasise it time and time again because people forget how much this can help! In today’s world, where all the information is at your fingertips, there is absolutely no excuse for you to not prepare for the interview. Learn whatever you can about the position you’ve applied for, the company, and the interviewers.

#2 Connect with insiders

Maybe you know someone who knows someone and can get in touch with the person who is already working at the company you’re interviewing for. Don’t be shy, share what you’re up to on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn…reach out to people and see what happens. 😉

#3 Don’t change who you are

No matter what you learn about the company, position or the interviewers, keep in mind (if successful) this will be your reality for the next who knows how long! If you get a job based on something you’re not, not only will that be extremely difficult to live through, but it will also make you feel bad because you can’t be who you really are.

#4 Be in the moment

Often, people talk too fast and don’t think about what they’re saying. They sometimes even don’t understand the question but proceed to answer it anyway. Interviews are great for asking clarifications and additional questions because it shows you’re really interested and want to respond in the best possible way. Breathe, listen carefully, and think before you open your mouth. Don’t let the nervousness get to you!

#5 Dress comfortably

Everyone’s talking about dressing appropriately, but no one mentions you have to be comfortable! Why? Because if you are not comfortable, you will keep thinking about the way you look instead of focusing on the interview itself. If you usually don’t wear high heels or you’re uncomfortable in suits – pick something else! There is plenty of professional-looking, comfortable clothes out there and you don’t have to do everything other people are doing!

#6 Take notes & reflect

As soon as your interview ends, sit down somewhere and write your observations, feelings, and thoughts about the interview. Replay what you were asked in your mind and share it with yourself in a form of notes, audio or video recording. Something that you’ll go over when you get home. Reflect on what you’ve noticed, e.g. When they asked me what my weakness is, I said I don’t like teamwork because rarely do people take responsibility of their share and one person ends up completing the whole task. They didn’t ask any follow-up questions so I don’t know if I was too direct and they decided they won’t take me or they agreed and had nothing to add. This can help you in the future! 😉

Try these 6 things when you get your next interview invitation and let us know how it went! Don’t forget, there is always a human out there who needs to choose you. You’ve passed the “robot test” with your CV, now you need to figure out how to pass the “human test”. This should be easy, considering you’re a human, too! 😊

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